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Deep Learning is a powerful subfield of machine learning, based on algorithms inspired by the brain called artificial neural networks, moving us one step closer to AI. The algorithms automate the extraction of representations from data, and have helped solve challenges in: computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, video processing and image recognition. Deep Learning can be applied to solve problems in industry and society including: helping people to interact with smart devices in the home; detecting and diagnosing diseases; and shaping the future of autonomous vehicles.

Discover Deep Learning

Machine Intelligence

Machine intelligence is an overview term covering machine learning and AI. The algorithms used can tell you the predicted outcomes of a situation but also why it came to that conclusion and what data made it do so. Machine Intelligence productivity tools are helping to predict and solve problems in almost every industry, from agriculture to healthcare to retail. Companies are now investing in and utilising Machine Intelligence models for a competitive advantage over their rivals.

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