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Loss Prediction In Crop Insurance

AgriLogicAI helps farmers and crop insurance companies mitigate weather and climate change risks by applying deep learning and machine learning to satellite images and historical farm data. We predict grain yields within season across areas ranging from single fields to entire states. Currently, we are utilizing data from thousands of corn farms across Indiana to predict crop yields and loss risks using satellite imagery, weather, and soil data. Our technology can improve actuarial risk models, automate on-boarding, automate claim processes, and improve financial planning in crop insurance companies.

Tzvi Aviv, Founder & CEO at AgriLogicAI

Tzvi Aviv is an entrepreneurial scientist and innovation consultant working in Toronto. He founded AgriLogicAI to develop and commercialize artificial intelligence and machine learning software for profitability and sustainability in the agri-food sector. Tzvi has won many awards for his work, including seed funding from Next Canada and awards from agricultural and pharmaceutical companies. Prior to AgriLogicAI, he managed a drug development project at the Hospital for Sick Children and received a PhD in Medical Genetics from the University of Toronto. Additionally, he received an MBA from Ryerson University with a focus in the management of innovation and technology.

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