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Interview with Ayesha Khanna, ADDO AI

This interview took place at the Deep Learning Summit, Singapore 2017.

RE•WORK spoke with Ayesha to find out her opinion on the following questions:
- What motivated you to start ADDO AI?
- What are the main challenges that companies face when trying to apply artificial intelligence?
- To what extent do you think artificial intelligence will be able to aid the growth and development of smart cities, especially in Asia?
- What developments can we expect from machine learning in the next 5 years, and what are you most excited for?

Ayesha Khanna, CEO & Co-founder at ADDO AI

Ayesha is CEO and Co-Founder of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence advisory firm and incubator that helps companies to innovate, optimise and grow. She advises companies and governments on smart cities, future skills, fintech, and other emerging industries. Ayesha spent more than a decade on Wall Street advising product innovation teams developing large scale trading, risk management and data analytics systems. Ayesha also served on the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Steering Committee on future skills and applied learning, advocating greater integration between academia and industry to drive innovation. Ayesha has a BA in Economics from Harvard University, an MS in Operations Research from Columbia University and is completing her PhD on smart city infrastructures at the London School of Economics.