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Empowering the Future of Cognitive Computing in Healthcare, with IBM Watson Health

Dusty Majumdar will discuss the perspective of IBM Watson Health on cognitive computing, rooted in the augmenting of human intelligence. IBM is applying Watson cognitive computing technology across a magnitude of industries and use cases, with a dedicated mission for healthcare. The company is pioneering new development in cognitive computing, fostering the creation of systems that interact, reason, learn, and understand through both structured and unstructured data. IBM Watson Health is harnessing such capabilities with a distinct focus in Oncology & Genomics, striving to scale leading cancer-care expertise and transform precision medicine. IBM Watson Health is also dedicating cognitive computing technology to the specialties of Life Sciences, Value Based Care, Government, and Imaging.

"Dusty" Biswaroop Majumdar, VP & CMO at IBM Watson Health

Dusty Majumdar joined IBM Watson Health team as Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. With 20 years of marketing and leadership experience at GE, Dusty leads all marketing teams at Watson Health and is focused on driving marketing excellence across the organization, building robust go-to-market strategies, collaborating with Offering Management building strategic marketing plans and enabling the commercial teams with value added selling tools. Dusty has deep domain expertise and experience in Healthcare in leading on all aspects of Marketing ranging from strategic marketing to go-to-market execution working in companies like GE Healthcare and more recently, a diagnostic start-up (Exact Sciences). In the last start-up, Dusty managed strategy, marketing and investor Day/Board presentations as the Head of Strategy/Marketing partnering with the CEO for DNA based early cancer screening solutions for GI, lung and pancreatic cancer based on next generation sequencing (NGS) leveraging cancer DNA detection with liquid biopsies via blood. At GE Healthcare, Dusty led the marketing and branding for some of the most iconic imaging scanners (CT) launches for nearly a decade which led to dramatic improvement in diagnostic confidence and lowering of radiation dose for patients, positioning GE as the preeminent vendor in the space across all segments. Some of the leadership products Dusty launched during his tenure at GE Healthcare include the Discovery, Optima and Revolution family of scanners. Dusty also led the Digital Services marketing team for diagnostic imaging across GE Healthcare introducing several new solutions for proactive/predictive services during his tenure which resulted in GE taking #1 position in proving solutions and services to hospitals and out-patient imaging centers worldwide. Prior to joining GE, Dusty worked at the 3M Corporation at their R&D Division. He has over 25 U.S. Patents and 30+ peer reviewed publications across imaging, nanomaterials, health economics and self-assembly in soft polymeric materials. Dusty holds a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and a Bachelors degree from the Indian Institute of Technology.

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