This video is part of the AI Assistant Summit, London, 2017 Event. If you would like to access all of the videos please click here.

All Smiles? Emotional AI, Ethics, Industry Views and Citizen Perspectives

Throughout the surprisingly long history of AI, the overwhelming emphasis has been on thought and reason. Artificial emotional intelligence (emotional AI) is under-represented, but is set to impact on society and diverse business sectors in important ways. That emotional life is becoming machine-readable brings benefits and concerns. This talk considers the following: what are the consequences of being able to see, read, listen, feel, classify, learn and interact with emotional life? What do citizens think? Finally, what does responsible innovation, especially in relation to digital assistants, consist of?

Andrew McStay, Professor of Digital Life at Bangor University

Andrew McStay is Professor of Digital Life at Bangor University. He is author of a range of books on advertising, creativity, privacy and technology. Supported by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, he has conducted citizen-based fieldwork and interviews with the technology industry, legal community, policy-makers and intelligence agencies to assess the potential impact of technologies that profile emotional life.

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