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Interview: Nikola Mrksic, Machine Learning Researcher, University of Cambridge

Yaz How from the RE•WORK team interviewed Nikola Mrksic, Machine Learning Researcher at Cambridge University to find out more about his work.

Tell us a bit more about your work with AI assistants and what you’re currently working on
How did you begin your work in AI and machine learning?
As AI assistants are now a part of everyday life, but personal assistants still have problems understanding their users. How are you working to overcome this?
There’s so much discussion around AI ‘stealing’ jobs - do you think this is the case, or will we actually see more jobs being created as a result of AI?
What developments of AI are you most excited for, and which industries do you think will be most impacted?

Nikola Mrksic, Machine Learning Researcher at University of Cambridge

Nikola is a machine learning researcher at Cambridge, working with Professor Steve Young at the Dialogue Systems Group. Previously, he was the first engineer at VocalIQ, a dialogue system company acquired by Apple in 2015. Before that, he graduated from the Cambridge Computer Science Tripos, completing his Master's degree with Professor Zoubin Ghahramani. His research is currently focused on language understanding for spoken dialogue systems, where he is interested in building open-domain and multilingual models powered by recent advances in deep learning.