Delve into the latest advancements and complex issues in AI through a comprehensive report on current trends via industry expert analysis and practical case studies, enabling business leaders to leverage AI to optimise efficiency.

Should you be using AI in your business?

AI is transforming every industry it touches from healthcare, to retail and advertising, finance, transport, education, agriculture and so many more. The purpose of AI? To take care of all the mundane tasks employees currently handle, freeing up their time to be more creative and perform the work that machines cannot do. Today, the rapidly advancing technology is used mostly by large enterprises through machine learning and predictive analytics. AI is not a technology of the future, it’s happening now, and companies who fail to adopt it will get left behind.

This paper will explore the application of AI in business with research contributions from leading minds in the field including Ankur Handa, Research Scientist, OpenAI, Ian Goodfellow, Senior Research Scientist, Google Brain. Jörg Bornschien, Research Scientist, DeepMind, Maggie Mhanna, Data Scientist, Renault Digital and many more.