How can AI revolutionize your business? Hear insights & case studies from industry leaders on how to apply AI methods to solve business problems & optimize efficiency, including Scaling AI & Deep Learning, AI Transformation, & Industry-specific cases including finance, retail, media & insurance.

Applied AI

How can AI revolutionise your business? Hear from industry experts on business insights and case studies from leading companies applying Artificial Intelligence to solve business problems using techniques including Machine Learning, NLP, Computer Vision and more. Learn how your business can leverage AI to optimize efficiency.



AI in Finance

RE•WORK summits bring together those at the forefront of advancements in AI in Finance to achieve progression in the field. We have created this playlist of our top Finance talks.



Scaling AI & Deep Learning

One thing which has been made clear in recent years is the inability to get high volumes of data for algorithms, however, we found companies currently scaling their AI capabilities and asked them to share their processes.



AI Transformation & Innovation

With AI becoming key in the race to staying one step ahead, see what companies including Hitachi, GE, GM Financial, Barclays, Renault and more are doing to implement it in their businesses.


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