What does the future hold for Deep Learning and AI? What are the most influential trends? Discover more from pioneers in the field, including Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton, Yann LeCun, Doina Precup, Hugo Larochelle, Ilya Sutskever, Andrew Ng, Myriam Cote & more.

Pioneers of Deep Learning

Whilst we host hundreds of hours of content on this platform, we thought we would gather together presentations from the leading industry minds. Videos include those from MIT, UoM, Google Brain, Deepmind and more!



Women in AI

This playlist brings together a cross-disciplinary mix of influential women working in AI, DL and ML sharing their latest technological advancements and applications in the sector. Hear from experts including DeepMind, Flickr, Google, Imperial College London, Renault Digital and many more!



Keynotes of 2018

A collection of some of the highlights from RE•WORK events taking place in 2018 from companies including Google, Facebook, Uber AI Labs and Slack. Topics explored include reinforcement learning, CNNs, probability & uncertainty in Deep Learning; adversarial component analysis; GANs; as well as interviews and presentations from global deep learning experts, Geoffrey Hinton and Ian Goodfellow.



Keynotes of 2020

A collection of some of the highlights from RE•WORK events that have taken place in 2020. The presentations below include those from AI in Finance, Insurance, RegTech, Retail, Marketing and more.


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