Balancing Machine Learning & Linguistic Rules in Development an AI Health Coach Chatbot

Most companies are trying to develop their ideal chatbots. A well-built Chatbot does not only improve the intimacy between a company and its customers, an effective chatbot also offloads the in-person customer services affords. The two approaches, machine learning and linguistics rules, have both their pros and cons. ReHealthier is an AI Health Coach that built with a hybrid approach that combines the strengths of both and offers the most promise. This session shares our considerations and experience when planning, designing and implementing ReHealthier AI Health Coach chatbot.

Amice Wong, CEO at BACHcode

Amice has an integrated exposure in Healthcare and IT industries and is committed to improving public health through human-centred design. Prior to founding BACHcode and setting up ReHealthier project, she led the corporate healthcare solution division of a medical service provider, where she focused on business development, new healthcare solution development and customer services for large corporate clients. Besides, she had 15 years' experiences in IT Security and Telecommunication areas, where she dedicated to product marketing and business development. BACHcode pioneers in artificial intelligence solution development for population health improvement. The key project "ReHealthier" is an intelligence health coach who designs personalised health plans by understanding the conditions of users. ReHealthier makes use of Persuasive Technologies to engage and encourage users to execute their health plan with fun. Motivation philosophies like small goals, presentation of self, peer referencing drive users' health behaviour changes step-by-step and rebuild their health so as to avoid potential chronic diseases.

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