Interview with Russ Blattner, CEO at

- Give us an overview of

- How did you begin your work in AI and what motivates you to stay in this space?

- Why do you think it’s important for developers and in-house IT managers to build AI?

- What problems are you trying to solve with AI, and what are the main challenges you’re currently facing in your work?

- What industries do you think will benefit from your current work, and where are you most excited to see the impact?

- Privacy and security threats are a common theme as AI expands. How are you ensuring your AI is protected against any adversaries?

Russ Blattner, CEO at

Lucd develops pioneering capabilities in AI, Big Data, Data Fusion and Machine Learning. Lucd leverages these capabilities to deliver to the needs of AI innovators that are transforming business and public-sector organizations. For more information visit

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