Interview with Keith Adams, Chief Architect, Slack

Interview Questions:
• Give me an overview of your work at Slack
• What are the main challenges in learning embeddings at slack?
• How are you using AI for a positive impact?
• What challenges have you had with implementing AI software in your work, and how have you overcome these?
• What developments of AI are you most excited for, and which industries do you think will be most impacted?
• There’s so much discussion around AI ‘stealing’ jobs - do you think this is the case, or will we actually see more jobs being created as a result of AI?

Keith Adams, Chief Architect at Slack

Keith Adams is Chief Architect at Slack. Prior to Slack, he worked at Facebook, where he contributed to the search, the HipHop Virtual Machine for PHP, and Facebook AI Research. Keith was also an early engineer at VMware. He is a computing generalist, with a recurring interest in the hardware/software interface.

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