Predictive Algorithms and their Impact in Chronic Diseases Management: Diabetes Case

Eduardo will share his vision on the major role that artificial intelligence can have in the digital transformation of the healthcare sector. As a medical doctor and CEO of a medical devices company, he has negotiated with major stakehoders and has clear insights about the needs of both the industry and the patient. Personalized self care, preventive diagnosis, individual treatments and patient support programs, everything available thanks to predictive models and easy interfaces.

Eduardo W. Jorgensen, CEO at MedicSen

Eduardo W. Jorgensen: 2015 UAM Bachelor in Medicine, Built several teams for medical research doing college, passionate about medicine and new technologies, specially in the area of neuroscience and perception. My goal is to change the wy we live with chronic diseases. Spanish national with great interest in medicine, neuroscience and technologies. Perfect domain of English for fluent conversations and negotiations. Had an enrollment of honor prior to college, got into medical school in 2009 and graduated in 2015. In the period, got selected for StartupsMansion (NYC entrepreneurs program), had funded two companies: Livinplans (Surprise travelling agency) and MedicSen (non invasive artificial Pancreas for diabetes) and have been accelerated by TURN8 in Dubai. At the end of the day, I try to learn as much as possible about the world and get surrounded by the top innovative people to form good multidisciplinary teams capable of disrupting every aspect.

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