Google and the Responsible Development of AI: Our Principles

Natacha Mainville, Program Manager at Google Brain

Natacha Mainville is a seasoned engineering executive and a fintech veteran who has assembled and led teams in resolving pivotal challenges in the domain. During her 14 years in the financial industry, her passion for innovation and transformation resulted in her leading a team of over 150 engineers and technologists through a cultural and technology shift to enable the development of an AI ready, mobile-first technology stack overhaul for one of the largest insurance providers in Canada. She later on joined TandemLaunch Inc., a Montreal-based startup foundry that works globally with entrepreneurs to turn research from top universities into consumer technology companies. As Chief Innovation Officer, she was involved in technology & talent sourcing, as well as providing guidance and mentoring to ambitious entrepreneurs. Through her career, her passion for AI has grown and led her to get involved in the community, joining the IVADO tech transfer committee and serving on their board, as well as mentoring a few young founders in the startup community. She recently decided to pursue her AI passion full time, joining the Google AI team in order to continue to grow, learn and have a positive impact. Natacha believes in a world with more young women in STEM and leadership positions. She actively seeks opportunities to champion this cause through mentorship, discussion and outreach. Natacha graduated from Polytechnique Montreal in Computer Engineering and is the proud mom of seven year old twin girls who love exploring the world and discovering new cultures.

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