Interview with Maithra Raghu, Research Scientist at Google Brain

- You’re currently at Google Brain and your work there sounds really interesting, but before we get stuck into that, can you give me an overview of your background. What came first, healthcare or AI and deep learning?
- Going back to Google Brain, can you tell us a bit more about your current work
- In your presentation, you spoke about direct uncertainty prediction - can you explain what this is and how you’re applying it to healthcare?
- What challenges are you currently facing in predicting disagreement at Google Brain?
- What recent advances in AI have allowed you to make progress in your work?
- What other areas of healthcare (or other industries entirely) can benefit from your current research?
- How are you using AI for Good?
- Have you faced any challenges being a woman working in AI?
- What’s next for you in your work?
- Where can we keep up to date with you - do you have Twitter or a website?

Maithra Raghu, Research Scientist at Google Brain

Maithra Raghu is a PhD Candidate at Cornell University, and Research Scientist at Google Brain. She is interested in the Science of Deep Learning -- principled, reproducible and interpretable insights on deep neural network representations and the applications of these insights to healthcare.

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