Interview with Thomas Simonini: Qs on Deep Reinforcement Learning Trends & Advancements

Introduce yourself and your current role
What initially sparked your interest in AI and how did you begin your work in deep learning?
Tell us a bit more about your current work - how are you using deep learning, and for what results?
What is curiosity driven learning, and why is it so promising?
What are some of the key elements needed to implement curiosity driven learning?
What are some of the challenges you’re currently facing in your work?
In which industry do you see the biggest transformation happening in the coming years, and where will AI have an impact?
How are you using AI for a positive social impact, or how can your work be applied to other industries for social good?
There’s been a lot of discussion around the ethics of AI and how systems can be built to be fair or unbiased - how do you think this can be done, and are we close to this?
Where will we see AI benefit society the most?
What does a typical day look like for you?
What’s next for you in your work?
How can we keep up to date with your work e.g. Twitter, a website?

Thomas Simonini, Deep Learning Engineer at Deep Reinforcement Learning Course

Thomas Simonini is a Deep Learning Engineer specialized in Deep Reinforcement Learning. After a Bachelor Degree of French Law and Political Sciences in 2016, he decided to change career by learning AI. He graduated from Deep Learning Foundations and Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree by Udacity. He founded Deep Reinforcement Learning Course. A successful series of articles and videos about Deep Reinforcement Learning from beginner to expert published on FreeCodeCamp and Towards Data Science. Before that, he founded CatDCGAN, an open source AI project that generates realistic pictures of cats.

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