Interview with Jessica Lennard, Independent

How did you begin your work in AI, and more specifically Finance?
What are the key problems you think data science and AI should be trying to solve?
What are the challenges to using deep learning to help solve them?
Having previously worked in regulation, I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about ethics in AI. Of course in finance, there's a huge amount of sensitive data. What are your thoughts on the best practices around this?
The growth of AI is exponential, and countless industries are applying new models to their business to optimise efficiency and productivity as well as to solve real-world problems. What do you think the key skills are for a career in AI/DL?
Which other industries are you most excited so see implementing AI for a positive impact in the next 5 years?
What have you enjoyed most about the Summit so far?
What do you think we can do to encourage more women and diverse backgrounds into AI?

Jessica Lennard, at Independent

Jessica is Director of External Relations for Visa’s Data Science Lab, having previously been Visa’s UK Head of Regulation and Public Affairs. She has been working in lobbying, policy, communications, reputation and crisis for over a decade. During that time, she has worked for political parties, businesses (start-up to FTSE 100), consultancies, think tanks and NGOs. Her particular area of expertise is highly regulated, highly politicised, technology-driven sectors, including telecoms, energy, and Fintech. She was previously a capital markets solicitor at City firm Linklaters, after graduating from Oxford and subsequently the LSE.

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