Interview with Manuel Proissl, Head of Predictive Analytics in Banking Products at UBS

How did you start your work in AI and Finance - what came first?
Tell us about your career path leading up to your role at UBS
There’s a lot of data in finance, making it an ideal area for DL applications, in what areas do you see AI and DL impacting finance the most?
As more and more people are banking online, personalised AI assistants are becoming more popular. What are some of the key challenges in ensuring they provide a quality user experience?
You mentioned that bias and transparency are a concern in AI assistants because of human-augmented training. What can be done to try and eliminate this to build trust for users?
What challenges are you currently facing, and how are you using AI/DL to overcome these?
How do you see AI transforming customer-facing finance services more generally in the coming years?
How can the work you’re doing be transferred to different industries, and how will society benefit?
Which other industries are you most excited to see implementing AI for a positive impact in the next 5 years?
What have you enjoyed most about the Summit so far?
What do you think we can do to encourage more young people and also diverse backgrounds AI?

Manuel Proissl , Head of Predictive Analytics in Banking Products at UBS

Manuel is currently Lead Data Scientist and Head of Predictive Analytics in Banking Products at UBS. Previously, he's been a senior advisor and AI cloud platform lead at Ernst & Young, developed numerous AI-driven business solutions for international organizations, and held managing roles in cross-border audit & advisory engagements and leading international research collaborations with contributions to AI research, Cognitive Systems and Particle Physics.

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