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Developing Innovative Data Science Solutions To Increase Customer Retention

Customer retention is the set of actions that companies take to stop customers from leaving and to retain and grow as many as possible into loyal customers. Customer retention starts with the first customer interaction and continues throughout the customer’s entire relationship with your organisation. This talk will share information about the exciting journey GoCo group is on and the opportunities we have found to improve customer retention across its multiple brands.

Natalie Jakomis, Group Director of Data at GoCompare

Natalie Jakomis is Group Director of Data at GoCo Group , a multi-brand group that includes leading UK financial services, utilities and home services comparison website (GoCompare), global discount voucher website (MyVoucherCodes), automated energy switching service (weflip), market-leading energy comparison and switching service (energylinx) and leading automated energy savings service (Look After My Bills).

Natalie is included in the latest DataIQ™ 100 and leads GoCo Group’s data strategy, growing and enhancing a highly talented and multi-skilled data function and cultivating a sustainable data and analytics culture that supports the business vision. Natalie is passionate about providing decision-ready data and business intelligence strategies. She is experienced in developing and deploying data science solutions within a customer-centric business. Natalie is committed to driving a diversity and inclusion agenda in technology, particularly in Data Science.

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