Building Generative Models Of Symptomatic Health Data for Autonomous Deep Space Missions

Krittika will speak about her work at NASA FDL in which she examined how AI can be used to support medical care in space. Future NASA deep space missions will require advanced medical capabilities, including continuous monitoring of astronaut vital signs to ensure optimal crew health. She will discuss how biosensor data collected from NASA analog missions can be used to train AI models to simulate various medical conditions that might affect astronauts. She will also discuss the future of AI and space medicine.

Krittika D'Silva , AI Researcher at NASA Frontier Development Lab

Krittika is a Gates scholar and Computer Science PhD student at Cambridge. Her work has had a far-reaching impact and been highlighted in National Geographic. Krittika has previously worked at Microsoft Research and Google. In 2018, she worked at the United Nations Pulse Lab in Indonesia, an innovation lab formed to harness data science insights for policy. She also works with NASA FDL to utilize AI for astronaut health monitoring in deep space missions.

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