Fighting AI Bias - How To Obtain Secure and High-Quality Training Data

Training data is the lifeblood of AI. Without it, computers couldn’t be trained to see, speak, or perform any intelligent functions. Yet, so much of the training data used today is difficult to obtain and low-quality, ultimately resulting in algorithms that don’t work as desired and exhibit strong cases of bias. As more and more businesses develop their own machine learning algorithms, how can they ensure that their training data is high-quality and well-rounded while being delivered in a secure way? In this rapid fire session, learn how top organizations obtain superior quality training data without compromising privacy or security -- and how it’s possible to make positive social impact along the way.

Audrey Boguchwal, Senior Product Manager at Samasource

Audrey is passionate about the intersection of artificial intelligence, human behavior and ethics. She is currently a senior product manager at Samasource, a provider of ground truth training data for the world’s leading AI technologies. As a trained anthropologist, she is fascinated by how people interact with technology and how we can use technology for good. As an anthropologist, she also loves museums, public transit, and interactive art.

Audrey is a graduate of Harvard College, where she studied history. She holds an MA in Anthropology from Columbia and received her MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School. Previous work includes The Wall Street Journal, Huge Design and NBC Universal.

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