Solving Hard Problems in Computer Vision With Synthetic Data

We make the case that a necessary step towards the advancement of computer vision will be to solve the bottlenecks of data curation and annotation. Here we show how synthetic data can solve both of these issues while providing additional advantages over real-world data. The talk will conclude by discussing real-world case studies for orbital insights, retail, and agriculture that are currently being solved using synthetic data from AI.Reverie.

Daeil Kim, Co-Founder & CEO at AI.Reverie

Daeil Kim is co-founder and CEO of AI.Reverie, a startup specializing in creating high quality synthetic data to train computer vision algorithms. Daeil received his Ph.D in Computer Science from Brown University focusing on scalable machine learning algorithms. He is excited about building tools that will help advance machine learning progress and considers synthetic data to be a core element towards advancing that field.

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