The Growth of AI Open-Source Software in Unexpected Platforms

Today Open Source Software (OSS) is more prevalent than in any other era and continues to grow with the latest technologies from AI and Data Science to Blockchain and Autonomous Vehicles. In this session, we are going to review AI open-source in unexpected platforms. Specifically, we are going to cover OSS in the modern mainframe, the platform used by most financial services organizations, including now fintech startups every large financial institution.

Tensorflow, Python, Spark, and many other widely used OSS have become the building blocks of all AI and ML applications. Open-source is addressing the major trends in the Financial industry: Modernization with AI and big data, regulatory compliance, and DevOps.
Open Source Software for mainframes is neither widely known nor something new. This session is going to present information on how open source is done for mainframes and how to port existing software to a modern platform available in all Linux distributions.

Takeaways: • Learn about available open source software in AI • Learn about the platform of choice for AI in Financial institutions • Learn how to continue the growth of the open-source ecosystem for AI

Javier Perez, Open Source Program Strategist at IBM

Javier Perez leads the Open Source Program for the IBM Z and LinuxONE ecosystem at IBM. Javier has been in the Open Source, Cloud, SaaS, and Mobile industries for 20+ years. He has been working directly with Open Source Software (OSS) for over 10 years, more recently leading product strategy of the Software Composition Analysis product line at Veracode. Prior to Veracode, Javier was at Axway leading a successful open source project, Appcelerator, and at Red Hat where he was Director of Product Management driving the OpenShift-based Mobile Application Platform offering for developers and enterprises including containerized applications. Javier has had the opportunity to speak at webinars and conferences all over the world covering open source, security, cloud, and application development topics. Javier has held leadership positions in Product Management and Sales Engineering for different startups, leading successful product exits and product integrations post-acquisition. Javier holds an honors degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.

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