Interview with Mihai Rotaru - Machine Intelligence Summit, Berlin, 2016

This interview took place at the Machine Intelligence Summit in Berlin, 2016.

Mihai Rotaru, Head of Research and Development at Textkernel

Mihai Rotaru is the Head of R&D at Textkernel where he is responsible for the research agenda and for coordinating the joint research efforts with the parent company, CareerBuilder. In this role he is guiding 3 teams: the Document Understanding team which builds the resume and job parsing product, the Search R&D team which is improving the Search & Match product and the Ontology team which builds the HR domain knowledge graph. Originally from Romania, he joined Textkernel in 2008 after obtaining a PhD degree in Computer Science at University of Pittsburgh, USA. Among others, he is interested in Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning and how these new technologies can be applied in industry.

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