Why is AI Back in the Spotlight?

A combination of new algorithms and advances in neural computing and deep learning has led to an explosion in AI applications with unprecedented attention from the public and media. Learn how it all happened and what you can expect next from this evolving cognitive landscape.

Jordi Torras, CEO & Founder at Inbenta

Jordi Torras is the CEO and Founder of Inbenta, a company that specializes in Natural Language Processing, semantic search and chatbots to improve the customer experience. Jordi started his entrepreneurial career in 1997 with his brother. Together they founded SBD in Barcelona, a professional services firm who had over 200 consultants by 2004 and was acquired by the French firm Alten Technologies. Jordi then founded Inbenta in 2005 to help companies improve online relationships with their customers. Today, Inbenta's patented technology helps to greatly reduce incoming customer service emails and calls to call centers for industry-leading companies including Ticketmaster, CA Technologies and Groupon.

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