How Chatbots Will Revolutionize the Way We Get Things Done

Do you need to find a babysitter, hire a handyman, or book reservations to your favorite restaurants? Soon a Virtual Assistant Chatbot will help you get simple tasks done automatically. When you run out of eggs, your refrigerator Bot will order more eggs for you. Booking appointments with colleagues will happen automatically as your bot talks to their bot and for the first time, all of your technology, apps, emails, notes will be integrated. AI & Bots offer us the promise to seamlessly integrate our regular lives with our tech lives. Get an insight into the future of Bots and how to take advantage of this opportunity.

Stefan Kojouharov, Founder and Editor at Chatbot’s Life

About Stefan: Founder and Editor of Chatbot’s Life. Chatbot’s Life has quickly become the #1 place to learn about bots and to start Bot Projects. We help companies create great bots and share our insights along the way. To date we have worked on 20+ Bots and have helped companies like Swelly, Instavest, Outbrain, and many more.

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