Interview with Gilles Wainrib, Owkin

This interview took place at the Deep Learning in Healthcare Summit, London 2017.

Gilles shares with us his opinions on the following questions:
- Tell us more about Owkin
- What motivated you to start your work in deep learning?
- How do you think transfer learning will impact healthcare?
- What present or potential future applications of deep learning in healthcare excites you the most?
- What are the main types of problems now being addressed in deep learning, specifically healthcare?
- What developments can we expect to see in deep learning over the next 5 years?

Gilles Wainrib, Co-Founder & CSO at Owkin

Gilles Wainrib is Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder at Owkin, where he leads the data science team. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from Ecole Polytechnique and was a former researcher at Stanford University and Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris, working on machine learning algorithms and their applications in biology and medicine. He is the author of 30+ scientific publications in mathematics, physics, biology, medicine and computer science.

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