Deep Learning in Micro-Moment of Shopping

Today every single retailer is harnessing the power of Big Data and Machine Learning to understand their customers and deliver the best shopping experience. These experiences can be categorised into a broad range in a customer's lifecycle. In my talk, I will discuss one of the category; the Micro-Moment of the Shopping Experience. I will elaborate on how a retailer can leverage computer vision and natural language processing to help their consumers make smart decisions in their mico-moments of the shopping experience.

Kumar Ujjwal, Senior Product Manager Big Data & Machine Learning at Kohl's Department Stores

Kumar Ujjwal is a Sr. Product Manager for Big Data and Machine Learning products at Kohl's Department Store. His current work is focused on using computer vision and natural language processing for customer engagement in the retail industry. Previously, he Co-founded two companies incorporating data science and Machine Learning in hospitality and transportation industry. Kumar is a big believer in continuous learning, and therefore he has always involved himself in online learning and open source projects.

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