Interview with Jin Hian Lee,

This interview took place at the Deep Learning in Finance Summit, Singapore 2017.

RE•WORK sat down with Jin Hian to find out his opinion on the following questions:
- What motivated you to start
- What is the biggest challenge that you have faced, developing Evie?
- Artificial intelligence is booming, what do you think will be the main areas that will benefit from AI?
- What developments can we expect from machine learning in the next 5 years, and what are you most excited for?

Jin Hian Lee, Co-Founder at

Jin Hian Lee is the tech co-founder of, the startup that launched Evie, one of the world's first AI scheduling assistants. Jin graduated from Stanford University with BSc. & MSc. degrees in Electrical Engineering in 1999. He then spent fifteen years at StarHub and Yahoo, launching innovative mobile & Internet media products on a global scale. Inspired to find solutions to tomorrow's greatest challenges, Jin founded in 2014 to harness the power of AI to free people from busywork and give everyone the time to focus on the important things in life.

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