Interview with Jakob Aungiers, HSBC

This interview took place at the Deep Learning in Finance Summit, London 2017.

Anthony spoke with Jakob to find out more about him and his thoughts on the following questions:
- Tell us a little bit more about your background and how you got started in FinTech.
- How do you see DeepMind's advances, in deep learning & algorithms, impacting FinTech?
- Are there any up-and-coming companies, that use such technology, that we should keep a look out for?
- How do you see algorithms being implemented and practically applied, in the next 5 years?
- In your personal interest, is there any particular advancements or implementations that you are excited for?
- What is your view on the idea that general artificial intelligence will replace human jobs, both labour intensive jobs or otherwise?

Anthony Cuthbertson, Journalist at Newsweek

Anthony Cuthbertson is a journalist at Newsweek, leading the publication's technology coverage for both print and online. He has previously worked as the senior technology reporter for the International Business Times and has written for publications including Forbes, Salon and The Independent. He has won several awards for his work, most recently the 2016 Digital Journalist of the Year from the Association of Online Publishers, who commended him for “using social and digital tools to power the highest values of investigative journalism.”

Jakob Aungiers, Quantitative Research Developer - VP at HSBC

Jakob is the Head of Quantitative Research Development in the Global Investment Strategy team at HSBC Global Asset Management in London, where he specialises in building technology products for their strategic investment vision. He is also an independent Artificial Intelligence/Software Development Consultant and Entrepreneur in using alternative data for investment insight. Jakob holds a deep interest in using AI in the FinTech space.

On the weekends Jakob is a professional skydiver, skydiving coach and current holder of British skydiving records.

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