Interview with Justin Washtell-Blaise, ForecastThis

This interview took place at the Deep Learning in Finance Summit, London 2017.

RE•WORK sat down with Justin to find out more about him and his thoughts on the following questions:
- Tell us a bit more about your current work at ForecastThis.
- What motivated you to start your work in deep learning; Specifically within the financial sector?
- Will Deep Learning continue to influence financial technology or will it have a stronger impact on other sectors?
- What developments can we expect from deep learning in the next 5 years, and what are you most excited for?

Justin Washtell-Blaise, CEO & Co-Founder at ForecastThis

Justin earned his PhD in Computational Semantics and MSc in Multidisciplinary Informatics from the University of Leeds. He has extensive expertise in the development and application of machine learning methods, having led R&D and Data Science teams on various challenging problems, including data science automation, loan risk modeling, fraud detection and commodity and retail price forecasting. He loves craft beer, so don't be shy about inviting him for a drink!

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