Best Practices & Challenges of Designing a Virtual Teaching Assistant

Students who are actively engaged, succeed in their courses and in their studies eventually. In order to achieve engagement it is essential that they keep up with their assignments and tasks in order not to fall behind. Having a Chatbot that is there for the students when they need help, as well as following up on student tasks is a valuable asset. In order for a Chatbot to succeed in such an area, it is required to use smart bot flows, as well as mechanisms that foster the intrinsic motivations of the users. This talk will provide insights about best practices and challenges of designing a virtual teaching assistant for students and teachers.

Gregor Jarisch, Chatbot Lead Developer at Differ

A leading Chatbot developer in Europe; developed professional chatbots since 2006. Inventor & Dev Lead @ E.D.D.I, an Open Source Chatbot Framework for Enterprises ( Chatbot lead at EdTech Foundry, the makers of Differ. Development lead of E.D.D.I., Open Source Chatbot Middleware for creating , running and maintaining Chatbots in enterprises; Former CTO of Spoken Language System, Chatbot startup between 2006-13. Chatbot Enthusiast, agile coach, innovation manager.

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