Imaging Precision Medicine, Beyond Deep Learning Models

In an era where medical data is exploding, working with the right healthcare data to solve the right medical problem is key to reaching patients. Patient cohorting, data curation and AI safety, alongside with the four pillars of a successful application of deep learning, will be showcased in a real-time cancer fighting application.

Alexandre Le Bouthillier, CEO at Imagia

Alexandre Le Bouthillier holds a PhD in Operations Research from the University of Montreal and completed a post doctorate program at the University of Geneva. He is founder of Imagia, an artificial intelligence company in the fight against cancer as well as the co-founder of Planora (previously Omega Optimization). Alexandre was VP Science & Technology at RedPrairie (now JDA Software) following the acquisition of Planora. His research and work interests include operations research, machine learning, brain, finance, big data and cloud infrastructure.

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