Interview: Davide Testuggine, Applied Research Scientist, Facebook USA

Sam Shead, Business Insider interviews Davide Testuggine from Facebook focusing on his current work in applied machine learning at Facebook.

Tell us a bit about your work at Facebook
What motivated you to start your work in NLP?
What advice would you give to someone starting out in the field?
What problems is NLP allowing you to overcome, and how are you improving UX through these?
What's the latest advancement in AI that you're most excited about?
What's it like to work at Facebook?

Davide Testuggine, Applied Research Scientist at Facebook, USA

Davide is at Facebook AML, working on deep learning models for Natural Language Understanding. Prior to that, he was at Microsoft in the Bing Core Relevance team where he focused on ML models for relevance ranking, and in the Bing Predicts team, where he shipped predictions for eSports competitions while getting a surprising amount of Reddit karma. He lives in Northern California, and enjoys video games.

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