Interview with Ian Goodfellow, Google Brain

Interviewer: James Vlahos, Wired
Interviewee: Ian Goodfellow, Staff Research Scientist, Google Brain
• Tell us a bit more about your current work at Google Brain
• Tell us about your new work in adversarial patch
• To date, what are some of the most interesting applications of generative adversarial networks?
• The ethical implications of AI are something that’s cropping up as these technologies become more ingrained into our everyday lives, what are your views on this?
What do you think the key skills are for a career in AI/DL?
Which other industries are you most excited so see implementing AI for a positive impact?
What have you enjoyed most about participating in RE•WORK events?

Ian Goodfellow, Research Scientist at Google Brain

Ian Goodfellow is a research scientist at Google Brain. He is the lead author of the MIT Press textbook Deep Learning. In addition to generative models, he also studies security and privacy for machine learning. He has contributed to open source libraries including TensorFlow, Theano, and Pylearn2. He obtained a PhD from University of Montreal in Yoshua Bengio's lab, and an MSc from Stanford University, where he studied deep learning and computer vision with Andrew Ng. He is generally interested in all things deep learning.

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