Interview with Dumitru Erhan, Senior Research Scientist, Google Brain

Interviewer: James Vlahos, Wired
Interviewee: Dumitru Erhan, Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain
• Give me an overview of your work at Google Brain
• What breakthroughs have you made in attempting to predict the future from video images?
• Generating multiple possible futures from each video sample allows you to make higher-quality predictions. Could this type of approach be adapted to the generation of responses in dialogue systems?
• How are you using AI for a positive impact?
• To what extent will deep learning lead to advances in tasks that require long-term planning, logic, and the incorporation of real-world knowledge?
• How do you see AI changing the way we interact with the world?
• What developments of AI are you most excited for?
• The ethical implications of AI are something that’s cropping up as these technologies become more ingrained into our everyday lives, what are your views on this?
• What have you enjoyed most about participating in this event?

Dumitru Erhan, Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain

Dumitru Erhan is a Senior Research Scientist at Google Brain, where he is focused on designing machine learning algorithms that make it possible for agents to interact meaningfully with the world. Previously, he was investigating unsupervised domain adaptation, object detection, image recognition, image captioning, and understanding of why neural networks work, in addition to working on the first version of Google Photo Search. Dumitru got his PhD with Yoshua Bengio at University of Montreal in 2011 and has been focusing on building and understanding intelligent models of the world ever since.

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