Deep Speech: Free(ing) Speech with Deep Learning

We’ll talk about Deep Speech, an open source speech-to-text (STT) engine, that uses deep learning to democratize STT. We’ll cover the technical details of at the heart of Deep Speech as well as the data and infrastructure required for its care and feeding. Also we’ll give a overview of future plans and how you can get involved.

Kelly Davis, Machine Learning Researcher at Mozilla

Kelly Davis has many irons in the fire. He studied Mathematics and Physics at MIT, then went on to do graduate work in Superstring Theory/M-Theory. He then jumped ship, coding at a startup that eventually went public in the late 90's. When the bubble burst, he jumped back into an academic setting and joined the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics where he worked on software systems used to help simulate black hole mergers. Jumping ship yet again, he went back into industry, writing 3D rendering software at Mental Images/NVIDIA. When that lost its charm, he founded a NLU at a startup, 42, that created a system, based off of IBM'S Watson, able to answer general knowledge questions. After a brief stint as the Director of Machine Learning at another Berlin startup, he joined Mozilla where he now leads the machine learning group.

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