Interview with Anoop Deoras, Lead Researcher at Netflix

Interviewer: Rachita Chandra, IBM Watson Health
• Give us an overview of your work at Netflix
• How did you begin your work in AI and more specifically deep learning for recommender systems?
• How does the Netflix recommender system use both deep learning and NLP to provide the best results for users?
• What challenges are you currently facing in your work, and how is AI helping you solve them?
• How could your work be used for a positive impact in other industries?
• AI is becoming applied in countless industries - what areas are you most excited to see transformed, and where do you think we’ll see the biggest impact?
• What’s next for you?

Anoop Deoras, Lead Researcher at Netflix

Anoop Deoras is a Lead Researcher at Netflix, where he leads the algorithmic innovation and productization of deep learning based recommender system models. He is interested in building the next generation of Machine Learning algorithms to drive the Netflix experience. Before that, he was a Lead Researcher at Microsoft, working on Cortana, an AI based virtual personal assistant for Windows OS. He holds a PhD from Johns Hopkins University where he proposed innovative algorithms for the first ever successful integration of Recurrent Neural Network based language models in Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition and Statistical Machine Translation.

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