Interview with Greg Amis, Principal Software Engineer, TripAdvisor

• Give me an overview of your work at Tripadvisor
• How did you begin your work in Deep Learning and what motivates you to keep working in this space?
• As you mentioned, at TripAdvisor you want to ensure that you highlight the most relevant and attractive images for a user, but how do you decide what constitutes a ‘good’ image, and how to do train your deep learning networks to recognise these?
• What challenges are you currently facing in your work, and how are you using AI to overcome them?
• What other industries can you benefit from your work, and what areas are you most excited to see transformed?
How are you using AI and deep learning for a positive impact?
• What’s next for you?

Greg Amis, Principal Software Engineer at TripAdvisor

Greg Amis is a Principal Software Engineer on the Machine Learning team at TripAdvisor, where we tend to focus on very pragmatic projects-- ML that will quickly and directly improve our business. He’s been at TripAdvisor for over 3.5 years, working on machine vision, text processing (e.g., catching inappropriate content), and metadata processing (e.g., catching fraudulent reviews). Prior to TripAdvisor, he worked on government contracts, doing everything from adaptive radar jamming to forecasting Navy personnel needs. Greg has a PhD from Boston University in Cognitive and Neural Systems, studying a type of neural network called Adaptive Resonance Theory and its application to semi-supervised learning and remote sensing.

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