Delve into the latest advancements and complex issues in AI through a comprehensive report on current trends via industry expert analysis and practical case studies, enabling business leaders to leverage AI to optimise efficiency.

How can we Leverage AI for Pandemics?

Could Covid-19 have been better managed by leveraging AI and Machine Learning tools? How can these technologies be used to tackle future pandemics? This whitepaper explores the challenges currently faced by the AI community, and some of the key areas AI can be applied in the future. Chapters include drug discovery, protein classification using deep learning, AI and prediction of future pandemics, NLP and diagnostics, and AI for gender-based response in pandemics, from authors including GSI Technologies, KTN, Babylon Health, Aurat Raaj, and Transilico.

AI for Social Good

With the rapid advancements and applications of AI, conversations have increased around the intentions of this technology. There are concerns that AI could be used with malicious intent rather than for the benefit of human-kind. This paper explores areas where artificial intelligence can benefit society and tackle global challenges such as the environment, education, healthcare and sustainability. Topics including Global AI Inititiaves, the Challenges of AI, Benefits of AI for Social Good, the Future of AI for Good are covered, as well as case studies from Google, Intuitive AI and GoodAI. Additional expert contributors include Shell, WeWork, XPRIZE, University of Waterloo, MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and more.

Privacy & Security in AI

As artificial intelligence applications become more wide spread, it’s of paramount importance that we ensure that privacy and security concerns are well thought through. Companies, governments, policies and all other areas of businesses and research departments must be aware of concerns and regulations. Throughout this paper, we’re taking a look at some of the key concerns with the goal of understanding the risks involved, and how we can ensure AI is used safely and with both personal and corporate privacy at the helm. The paper features contributions from experts working in the field, featuring their research and real world applications. Learn from global experts from the likes of Microsoft, McGill University, Google Brain and more.

The Ethical Implications of AI

As AI continues to progress and businesses across the globe benefit from its capabilities, it’s important to ensure that the technology is being harnessed for good, to create a better, fairer society. AI systems are already superior to humans in certain tasks such as image recognition, data analysis and problem solving tasks. These advances present a wealth of ethical questions surrounding biases that could appear in the data, security issues, and potential consequences if systems are hacked or used irresponsibly. There are several ‘guidelines’ for ethical practices of AI such as the way data is handled and the processes developers should go through when creating a product, but there are still grey areas which are a cause for concern. Throughout this paper we explore the ethical implications of AI as well as looking at real world examples of how AI can be used for good. Expert opinions from academics, industry leaders, researchers, CEOs, founders and many more are included to comment on the ethical concerns and solutions across multiple industries including healthcare, finance, sustainability, research, transport and more.

Should you be using AI in your business?

AI is transforming every industry it touches from healthcare, to retail and advertising, finance, transport, education, agriculture and so many more. The purpose of AI? To take care of all the mundane tasks employees currently handle, freeing up their time to be more creative and perform the work that machines cannot do. Today, the rapidly advancing technology is used mostly by large enterprises through machine learning and predictive analytics. AI is not a technology of the future, it’s happening now, and companies who fail to adopt it will get left behind.

This paper will explore the application of AI in business with research contributions from leading minds in the field including Ankur Handa, Research Scientist, OpenAI, Ian Goodfellow, Senior Research Scientist, Google Brain. Jörg Bornschien, Research Scientist, DeepMind, Maggie Mhanna, Data Scientist, Renault Digital and many more.

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